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Offshore Red is a key source of news relating to international tax legislation and financial planning. Its unique, and need to know Legislative Update is respected throughout the financial services industry.

Offshore Red offers essential news, features and analysis on tax legislation affecting international financial services centres worldwide.

With unique access to a highly qualified group of experts specialising in tax planning, law and financial services, Offshore Red gives readers timely and analytical reports relating to tax legislation and its implication for tax planning in international markets.

Key features include:

  • The latest offshore finance and tax planning news, comment and opinion.

  • Essential information on offshore legislative, compliance and regulatory changes.

  • Concise news and analysis of current issues.


Who Should Subscribe?

  • Offshore/regulatory specialists of the legal profession

  • Private bankers/family office advisors

  • Government regulators and offshore financial centres

  • Central Banks

  • Offshore promotional organisations

  • Trust companies

  • Compliance specialists

  • Specialist offshore and trust accountants

  • Legal services/company formation organisations

  • Offshore/legal/regulatory and other professional bodies and associations

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